How do I find the right therapist?

Therapy is a unique process for each individual.  In addition to working with a specialist in the field where you seek assistance, finding a personal fit is important.  A brief phone call prior to booking an appointment can give you a feel for a therapist’s style.  Therapy will be most successful when there is a trusting relationship between the client and the therapist.

How long will my therapy last?

We will start with a evaluation session and go from there.  Some people choose to do therapy on an ongoing basis, and for some people a clear end point is definable.  We will come up with a plan together, which we will readdress on an ongoing basis.

What’s your confidentiality policy?

All of your information and our sessions are confidential in accordance will HIPPA rules and regulations.  This means that I, Brian Wolff, can not acknowledge that you are a client or shared anything we have discussed unless I have your signed consent.  Confidentially is so strict that I am not even able to approach you in public, unless you approach me first. However, as a mandated reporter, I have a legal obligation to report: physical and sexual abuse of children and elderly, any threats of violence towards others, suicidal intentions or when I am order to do so in a court of law.  If you would like any of your information shared with family, doctors or lawyers, you will need to sign a release of information first. If you have questions or concerns about confidentiality please be sure to bring them up in our first session.

I need an evaluation for the court, can you do that?

Yes, Hood River Counseling can provide drug and alcohol and mental health evaluations for the court.  You’ll have to pay an intake fee, and sign a release of information for the courts.

What insurance companies do you accept?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I can bill all insurance companies for my services as either an “out of network” or “in-network” provider.  Billing “out of network” the insurance company generally covers around 50% of the billed rate; compared to billing “in-network” (or preferred provider) they cover about 80% of the billed rate.   You are responsible for the left over amount and Copay.

For which insurance companies are you a preferred provider?

I am currently an in-network preferred provider for: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross,  CIGNA, Mental Health Network, LifeWise, Pacific Source, United Behavioral Health, United Healthcare, Reliant Behavioral Health, Aetna, GEHA, MODA (formerly ODS), Molina, Value Options, First Choice Health and Providence Health.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

I accept all Medicare insurance plans.  In regards to Medicaid,  I only accept Oregon Medicaid (OHP) if I have a “pre-authorization” from Mid-Columbia for Living to see the client as a specialized treatment provider.  Otherwise all OHP clients are served by the local community mental health provider.  I do accept some Washington Medicaid for residents of Klickitat county.  I do not accept Medicaid from any other states.  Please feel free to call with questions since this distinction can be confusing.

Do you participate in any Employee Assistance Programs?

Yes, I do accept EAP from a variety of local employers.   EAP typically covers the full cost of three to six session.  After that service is exhausted I can switch to billing insurance or private pay if more sessions are needed. Check with your employer’s human resources department to get more information for your EAP options.

Do you work with Couples?

Yes, I am a Gottman trained couples therapist and I work with couples using primarily this method.  For more information on Gottman couples therapy, please visit their website at http://www.gottman.com/about-gottman-method-couples-therapy/.